Pearl for January 5

Jan 5
I work on critical care unit and today was one of those days that did not start off right and try as I may I had a hard time adjusting my attitude. After getting report from the night nurse I felt like my patient’s and their plan of care was as clear as mud. I had a lot of questions and didn’t want to keep asking because report had gone over the normal 30 minutes and I still didn’t have the information I needed and at that point I didn’t know where to start.
To not know what I am doing for my patients and have a clear picture of what the plan was, literally made me angry. I was angry because I felt I couldn’t do a good job with my patients. I felt discombobulated. I wasn’t being efficient and effective. By 4:00 PM I had the beginnings of a migraine. Due to my adrenal fatigue I get migraines when I haven’t gotten enough sleep. I had five hours of sleep last night which was not enough.
So how can I find the pearl in all this poop. First I am able to work and earlier this year I was off work for five months due to a neck injury that lead to vomiting when I tried to hold my head up. Insurance denied to pay for my surgery and I was left laying on the floor in a traction unit, with not much of a quality of life.
Today I able to work, I was able to change one patients bed five times today because he urinated on the bed. The good news was that I was not the patient in the bed with the problem. It’s always good to look at our negative issues through the eyes of the Lord, which gives us the ability to gain a new grateful perspective. I am forced to take care of my body and get seven to eight hours of sleep because I will get sick.
I finally calmed down and had a better day in spite of the headache. Thanks to the Holy Spirits help I survived the day with a good attitude.


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