January 9 Pearl

Jan 9
My mother and father in law have a dog of 15 plus years who has bladder cancer. They found out ten months ago that he had a tumor in his bladder. The vet had a medication they could give him that helped keep the tumor from growing. Bentley has made it ten months. However, the cancer is taking its toll and Bentley no longer has much of a life he lays around in his house most days and doesn’t eat much.

My in-laws are going to have to make the hard decision to let him go. This is excruciating to do and to watch. Our dogs become part of our lives just like a child and its heart wrenching to loose them.

The pearl here is that they have enjoyed many years with Bentley and they get to decide to take care of him by putting him out of his misery. Some dogs get lost or ran over and it’s much more traumatizing to lose them in this way then to know where they are and to do the loving thing of putting them down.

I can’t imagine how it would feel to loose a dog and not know where they went. If they disappeared and you wouldn’t know if they were dead or alive. You would be constantly looking for them.

I am praying for peace for my in-laws as this process is going to be very hard for them. I pray they experience the Pearl in this poop.


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