What culture does Jesus belong to?

I visited Denver, Colorado for a week and it was so interesting to see, feel and experience different culture. I grew up Amish and would describe it as a very sterile stoic environment.

So, when I visit cultures that seem to be on the opposite spectrum from where I come from, I marvel, I sit and try to take it in, but I just don’t have a shelf in my brain for it. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around all the different cultures and way of living in this world.

Last year I visited New York City. I came away from that experience with an expression, “I didn’t know a place like that existed.” I conclude that growing up sheltered leaves a brain with very little capacity to understand different cultures.

Then as always the most important question is, “Jesus, what do you think?” Jesus obviously transcends all cultures. I think he represent love, integrity, trust and compassion. As I pray through understanding cultures, I desire to not be judgemental in anyway, but to understand that there are many different ways to live and then focus on what really matters.

What really matters is that Jesus came into this world for all people and if we trust him as our savior, surrender to him we can walk with him while we are here and when we die we will spend all eternity in heaven.

I love Jesus with all my heart and I think who he is and his love transcends all cultures. The older I get the more I realize that I don’t know. I rest in you Jesus and when I look around this world I just don’t know anything except that I love you and want to be your hands and feet and glorify you. Help me to do this in spite of my self.


One thought on “What culture does Jesus belong to?

  1. penman4u

    Wonderful post. Perhaps it was because of my family’s extensive travels that I grew up with such a passion for experiencing the diversity of cultures here in the United States. Through God’s creative genius it is not difficult to perceive His love of diversity in people, and how much He cares for folks of all colors, tastes and traditions. The love of Jesus, our Savior clearly penetrates the barriers of divisions that we as fallible people create. I believe that the longer we walk with Christ in complete surrender to Him, the more we learn what true unconditional love is all about. The light of truth shines brightly through human hearts who emulate God’s love, creating a beauty that simply must be experienced.


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